Custom product development

In several projects, for our own and for third companies, we developed software, design, electronics, mechanics or enclosures for equipment and devices. If you have an idea to create a new product, or improve or update an already existing one, and you find yourself missing time or some of our skills, please, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to find a way.

  1. User interaction devices

    • Electric vehicle chargers and controllers (EVCC).
    • Totems for customer information, care, and queue management.
    • Signage controllers (multi-service information screens).
  2. IoT devices

    • Lighting control.
    • Power distribution, measurement and control.
    • Ambient control.
    • Domotics.
  3. Low-footprint ecologic microservers

    • Premises and infrastructure management (network management, firewall, DDNS, 3G/4G backup...).
    • Local storage (with file versioning), cloud replication services.
    • VPN management.
    • Local services publishing (video surveilance, queues management...).
    • Music and public anouncements.
    • Integrated UPS.
    • Domotics controller.
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