Custom development

We usually develop code in low-level languages (e.g. C) to achieve high efficiency levels, both in speed and in required resources, and best system integration; but we also develop in higher-level languages for user-oriented applications (e.g. ECMA/Javascript, C#, etc.). If you feel you need a product to help you and you can't find one that fits, please, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it.

  1. Business management applications

    We develop and deploy custom business management applications: production management, resources management, administrative management...

    We've built solutions for industrial process control, services management, and pure administrative management, some of them with hundreds of concurrent users. From servers, to the user interface. Data bases, automation, business logic, integration against other applications and systems...

    Also documentation management systems, including versioning and recovery (errors, attacks -e.g. ransomware- or disasters)

  2. Fraud prevention applications

    We've developed clients to verify identities against some of main social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn...).

    We've built tools to check and verify digital documentation, like personal IDs, invoices, driving licenses, etc. including image features processing, text and special marks and encoding detection and parsing, etc.

  3. Office add-ins

    We develop Microsoft Office add-ins (mainly for Outlook), usually on banking and insurance sectors.

  4. Protocols implementation

    We implemented (with no more dependencies) several internet protocols (for some also full application support over them):

    • DNS (both client and server), included light DNS server (with EDNS support).
    • HTTP (both client and server), included modular Web server (both for static resources and applications) (also includes a CMS - Content Management System).
    • SMTP (both client and server), included e-mail server (multidomain, with filters, spam/virus management, redirection, DKIM y SPF, MailDir, security features -honey pot, compromised password detection...-).
    • IMAP (both client and server), included server (with MailDir and both folder or multi-label support).
    • FTP (both client and server), included server.
    • OAUTH2 for authentication or SSO services
    • OCPP (1.6J, both client and server).
    • EWS (client).

  5. Spetialized applications

    • Technical applications for mobile devices, with geolocalization and route/resources follow-up and optimization
    • Data migration.
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