Services development, implementation and management

We design, develop, deploy and manage several ICT services, from simple local networks in buildings, to cloud services. If you feel you need some help, advise, or analyze what can be done to meet some of your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll manage to find a solution that fits.

  1. ICT support systems

    • Communication networks (LAN, MAN, WAN).
    • Storage and distribution for content, documentation, etc.
    • Support systems: backups (static, mirrors, incremental...), security and contingency plans, monitoring...
    • Security: video surveillance, acces control...
    • IP voice management systems (VoIP): PBX, devices (phones, cameras...).
  2. Low-cost e-mail

    We developed and manage a low-cost e-mail service (including WebMail and IMAP access) for corporative users (with some ten-thousands accounts).

  3. Appointment and schedule management

    Distributed service to manage queues, appointments and local advertising in real time.

  4. Virtualization

    • Desktop (user workplace) virtualization.
    • Server virtualization (full, or with service containers).
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